How to Use Us

Call 811 before you dig, wait two full work days for the site to be marked, observe the marks and dig with care.  Our service is free.

Click one of the links at left or dial 811 to reach Louisiana One Call two full work days in advance, before digging is scheduled to begin.

Plan your work.  For larger projects, call in only the work that can be accomplished within a 20-day period.  Click here for a special message to Louisiana One Call members.

Have the following information available:

Advise the one-call operator if explosives will be used. Record the locate request number provided by the one-call operator. It is your proof of the call and may be requested by an enforcement agency.

Wherever possible use white paint, stakes or flags to identify your proposed excavation area.  This helps the marking crews identify your work site and place their markings accordingly.

If the utility is a metered service, lines will be marked "up to the meter," but not beyond because utility operators have no way to know what you may have installed on your property.  Always proceed with caution and look out for unmarked lines.

Markings for underground utilities are considered valid as long as they are visible up to 20 calendar days from the "mark-by" time (30 days for agricultural or forestry work).  The "mark-by" time is provided by the one-call operator and excludes holidays and weekends. For larger projects, call in only the work that can be accomplished within a twenty-day period.

If digging activity comes within 18 inches of a utility line or pipeline, exercise extreme caution. Hand digging is recommended to expose the buried line.

If damage occurs, notify the utility operator or pipeline company directly.

If there is an emergency situation (danger to life, health or property requiring immediate attention), take steps to safeguard health and property and dial 911.

Remember, not all utilities are Louisiana One Call members.  You should call non-member utility operators directly.  A list  of government entities that have "opted out" is available on the Secretary of State's web site here (Adobe Acrobat file) under "Other Services."

Call before you dig. It's the law!  Civil Penalties range up to $25,000 for violations of the "Dig" law.