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as of 5/23/2017

Member Names & Links Emergency Phone

O & M Management Srv. 225-329-5259 225-202-4551

Oak Grove, Town of 318-428-3275

Oak Harbor E. Utility LLC 985-960-1415

Oakdale, City of 318-481-7837

Oberlin, Town of 337-639-4353

Occidental Chemical Corp. 985-783-7200

Office of State Buildings 225-219-4800

Oil City, Town of 318-272-3543

Old Saline Water System, Inc. 318-576-3518

Olin Chlor Alkali 225-642-1835

Olla, Town of 318-495-5128

Opelousas Water, City of 337-948-2555

Orb Exploration LLC 337-257-8400

ORX Resources 877-406-1140

Our Lady of the Lake Hospital, Inc. 866-532-4772

Oxy Basic Chemicals 225-473-5016