What We Do

Louisiana One Call allows you to notify many operators of underground utilities or facilities by filling out a simple form on this web site or by making a single toll-free call before you dig or demolish a structure. We are funded by our members who operate underground systems, and our service is free to everyone --homeowners and contractors alike.

When you call or fill out a request using one of the links at left, we use a sophisticated computerized mapping system to notify members whose facilities are likely to be affected by your excavation or demolition.

Our members respond by marking their cables, pipelines, and similar systems so that you can avoid them. We record all notification calls and keep them on file for three years in case disputes arise.

Louisiana One Call saves money for everyone by reducing the possibility of damage, eliminating construction delays and contributing to public safety.

How it Works

Anyone planning to excavate or tear down a structure fills out a request form or calls our toll-free number at least two full buiness days prior to digging. We note the location and nature of the work being done, along with the excavator's name and phone number and planned starting date and time. Then we relay the information to all members with utilities or underground facilities in the immediate area. Their crews mark the site before the work begins, using color-coded markers to indicate the types and locations of each pipeline or cable.


Membership is open to anyone who shares our interest in public safety and damage prevention. Regular members include those who own or operate underground facilities and who use Louisiana One Call to process calls. Construction firms and others who are not underground facilities operators are invited to become sustaining members.

The cost of membership is low because Louisiana One Call is a non-profit organization and regular members share operating costs according to their call volume.

Regular Members pay $100 in annual dues plus $1.50 for each of the first 20 notifications. Additional notifications currently cost $.90 per call for corporate members and $.72 for political entities. Sustaining Members pay dues of just $125/year.

Member services include:

To apply for membership just complete and return an application form (and mapping information, if applying for regular membership) with your dues check. Or call us for more membership information at 800 584-4274 or  225-275-3700.