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as of 7/18/2024

Member Name Emergency Phone

Fairview-Union Water System 318-471-8663

Farmerville, Town of 318-368-2226 318-608-8252

Faster Cajun LLC 337-368-7188

Fenton, Village of 337-368-5667

Ferriday Town of 318-403-4399

Fiberlight, LLC 801-381-5064

Fifth Ward Water Systems 318-305-0750

Fisher, Village of 318-315-0102

Florida Gas Transmission Co. 800-238-5066

Florien, Village of 318-581-3149

Fluor Federal Petroleum Operations 504-450-8436

Folsom, Village of 985-249-0039

Fontainebleau Operating, LLC 318-425-0101

Fordoche, Town of 225-718-3269

Forest Hill, Village of 318-451-7798

Formosa Plastics Corp. 225-614-1645 318-513-0141

Fortune Resources, LLC 903-738-9622

Foundation Energy Management, LLC 866-767-3600

Four Forks Water System, Inc. 318-925-0092

FP Bolboa LA LLC, dba Formentera Operations LLC 844-509-5768

FR Compliance Group, LLC 936-276-0766

Fran Oil, Inc. P 318-663-3417

Franklin, City of 337-578-2981

Franklinton, Town of 985-839-2977

French Settlement Gas LLC 225-328-7023

French Settlement Water Co., Inc. 225-302-9913

Friendship Water System, Inc. 318-243-4149 318-548-4147

Frost Town Water System, Inc. 318-732-5764